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Sandoval Skips Prep Before CNN Interview

Las Vegas, NV – It’s not easy being a surrogate for a presidential candidate who would have to win 138 percent of the remaining delegates to become the GOP nominee, but we can only assume Governor Brian Sandoval decided to skip prep yesterday before his very awkward interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Sandoval tried to talk about his recent endorsement for John Kasich, the Ohio governor who got so upset yesterday when asked why he’s only won his home state that he angrily snatched the reporter’s voice recorder out of his hand. SAD!

Instead, Sandoval spent most of the interview refusing to revoke his support for Donald Trump as the GOP nominee and reminding viewers that Ted Cruz’s campaign called him “a total piece of toxic waste.” Ironically, Sandoval has chosen to respond by endorsing a candidate who wants to turn the state of Nevada into a toxic nuclear waste dump.


Cooper: “You’ve said you’d ultimately support the party’s nominee. If it’s Donald Trump, would you support him?”

Sandoval: “Well, that’s something I’ve thought about, and given the accumulation and combination of things that I’ve heard him say, you know that’s something that I – you know I’m not firm on that anymore. I believe at this point in time that it’s still a wide open race. Certainly Mr. Trump has the largest amount of delegates, but if it gets to a convention and he hasn’t achieved that threshold, anything can happen.”

Cooper: “What about Senator Cruz? If he were the nominee, would you support him?”

Sandoval: “Well, that’s something that’s interesting to have a conversation with you about, because that’s somebody who campaigned in Nevada, who said he didn’t want my support, and frankly called me toxic waste. So I don’t think Senator Cruz would want my support, and that’s fine by me.”

Cooper: “So I mean I guess the question then is, as a Republican, if it’s not Kasich, what do you do?”

Sandoval: “No, and that’s a great question. Again, it’s a hypothetical question. Right now at this point in time, I think John has a tremendous amount of momentum. He’s starting to get more votes in each of these primaries and caucuses. And you know, there’s a lot of places to go and a lot of states to go to, particularly in the Northeast and the West Coast, and I think John is going to do extremely well there.”