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Hardy Keeps Voting Against Paycheck Fairness, Roberson Doesn’t Believe Pay Discrimination Exists

Las Vegas, NV – Today, April 12, marks Equal Pay Day, representing the extra days the average American woman has to work just to earn the same as a typical man did in the previous year. It’s an important marker of how much still needs to be done to combat pay discrimination against women.

But accidental Congressman Cresent Hardy and Republican Senate boss Michael Roberson haven’t gotten the memo. Last year, Hardy voted not once but twice to prevent Congress from even considering the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would help ensure women have the tools they need to fight pay discrimination in the workplace. Roberson has famously denied that pay discrimination against women even exists, telling Jon Ralston: “I don’t think that there is discrimination against women as far as pay goes in this country.”

“Congressman Hardy’s repeated votes to block paycheck fairness legislation and Michael Roberson’s refusal to even admit pay discrimination against women exists shows just how out of touch these extreme Republicans are with the concerns of Nevada women and working families,” said Roberta Lange, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair. “Nevadans want representatives in Washington who will fight for policies that end gender discrimination in pay and help ensure women can earn equal pay for equal work.”