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Does Sharron Angle Agree with Congressman Heck on Opposing Equal Pay for Equal Work?

Las Vegas, NV – Today is Equal Pay Day – the day in 2016 that women would have to work to make as much as their male counterparts made in 2015. But so far, grassroots conservative Sharron Angle has been silent on the issue of paycheck fairness. Though given her Primary opponent’s record of voting against paycheck fairness, we guess Nevada women will take Angle’s silence over Congressman Heck’s actual votes against ending pay discrimination. But Nevadans still deserve to know where Angle stand on this issue.

Sharron Angle needs to tell Nevadans whether she agrees with Congressman Heck in opposing equal pay for equal work,” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “It’s alarming for Nevada women that the choice for the Republican nomination for Senate is a Washington politician who has voted multiple times against equal pay for equal work, and a former Republican Senate nominee who won’t even tell us where she stands on this issue.”