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Heidi Gansert’s Rhetorical Hoops Continue

Reno, NV – How long can she can keep this up? In a strange interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal, Senate District 15 candidate Heidi Gansert yet again “declined to answer” whether or not she would have voted for last year’s bipartisan tax package to increase funding for public education. That’s apparently because Gansert “does not know all of the available options.”


This would be an absurd and untenable position for any legislative candidate in 2016 – but the person equivocating here literally used to be Governor Sandoval’s chief of staff and the top Republican in the state Assembly.

Somehow, despite criticism from Democrats and her Republican primary opponent, Gansert’s “bizarre, ridiculous and unsustainable” silence on this issue hasn’t changed one bit in the last seven months.

From the Reno Gazette-Journal:

Democrats, who roundly support the commerce tax, have routinely criticized one such candidate in former Sandoval chief-of-staff Heidi Gansert, Hoover’s opponent in the Senate District 15 Republican primary. Senate Minority Leader Aaron Ford, D-Las Vegas, has called on Gansert to take a firm position on whether or not she would have voted for the package. Hoover followed suit soon after.

Gansert, an assemblywoman from 2005 to 2011, declined to answer whether or not she would have voted for the package, saying she was not at the Legislature in 2015 so she does not know all of the available options. She did say she was against its repeal.

“I was in the Assembly during all the budget cuts and what typically happens is the pool of funds that gets cut is education,” she said. “And we just need to continue to invest in education and make sure that we have the accountability around the dollars that are being spent to improve what we’re doing in our state.”