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NEW VIDEO: Famous NV Dems Parrots Confront Congressman Heck on Social Security

We’re starting to think Congressman Heck is not a fan of Jimmy Buffett…

Las Vegas, NV – Yesterday, the (soon to be) Famous NV Dems Parrots were back on the campaign trail in Las Vegas. The Parrots confronted Congressman Heck as he was going into an event, asking him why he parrots his Primary opponent, Sharron Angle, on the privatization of Social Security. Both Angle and Congressman Heck support privatizing Social Security. Not one to be outdone by Angle’s extreme rhetoric, Congressman Heck has even called Social Security a “pyramid scheme” that “isn’t working.”

Last week, Nevada Democrats launched the first in a series of videos highlighting how on issue after issue, Sharron Angle and Congressman Heck are two birds of the same feather. Jon Ralston summed it up best on KNPR, saying: “absolutely they do” after asking rhetorically if Angle and Congressman Heck had similar positions on Social Security.

Sharron Angle and Congressman Heck’s reckless scheme to privatize Social Security would be devastating for Nevada seniors,” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “As long as they continue to parrot each others’ extreme agenda, Sharron Angle and Congressman Heck will continue to be confronted by the Parrots on the campaign trail.”

Watch the Parrots confronting Congressman Heck here.