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#TBT to Assembly GOP’s Discriminatory Transgender ‘Bathroom Bill’

Las Vegas, NV – Republicans in North Carolina earned terrible headlines across the country for rushing to enact a law on Wednesday that overrides local LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances in the state and bans transgender people from certain restrooms.

Sound familiar?

If not, we’ll jog your memory. Last year, nearly all of the Republicans in the Nevada Assembly, driven by bigotry and stupidity, tried to pass AB 375, an absurd bill to make it easier to bully kids who happen to be transgender at school. Although it ultimately failed (thanks to Democrats), the bill was a product of extreme anti-LGBT social conservatives like Erv Nelson, who complained about how his daughter had to quit her softball team because she “did not identify with gays.”

Another powerful reminder of how Republicans embarrassed Nevada last session – and why Democrats are fighting so hard to reclaim the legislature.