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As Rubio Exits and Trump Marches Forward, Roberson Can’t Stay Silent

Las Vegas, NV – The Marco-mentum first came to a halt with his disastrous Nevada loss. Tanking in Florida last night made it official: “Little Marco” is out of the presidential race after getting trounced by Donald Trump. Sad! But the biggest story from last night was Trump’s continued march to Cleveland as the GOP’s presumptive nominee.

Pressure continued to mount on KNPR this morning as Nevada Senate Democratic Leader Aaron D. Ford said clearly: “Every Republican on the ballot, every single one up and down, needs to either confirm or disavow whether they’re going to support Donald Trump at the top of the ticket.”

With Rubio out and no realistic plan for stopping Trump, GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson’s continued refusal to say where he stands on Trump as the Republican Party’s standard-bearer has become all the more tenuous and absurd.

Top Nevada Republicans – including Governor Sandoval, Senator Heller and Congressmen Heck, Hardy and Amodei – have all committed to backing Trump when he’s their party’s presidential nominee. So has Roberson’s primary opponent Danny Tarkanian. They all have no problem choosing the GOP over what’s best for the country, categorically refusing “to rule out supporting a man manifestly unfit for the presidency.”

Michael Roberson may be in hiding – but he can’t avoid this question forever.