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With Launch of ‘AAPI for Cortez Masto’, Nevadans Reminded of Congressman Heck’s Failed Record for AAPI Community

Las Vegas, NV – This weekend, Nevada’s Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community was once again reminded of Congressman Heck’s record of putting his Party’s bosses in Washington ahead of Nevada’s AAPI community. This past Saturday, former Nevada Attorney General and Democratic candidate for United States Senate Catherine Cortez Masto launched a new grassroots coalition “AAPI for Cortez Masto.”

The group consists of leaders within the AAPI community who recognize that as Nevada’s next Senator, Catherine Cortez Masto will focus on solving problems like fixing our broken immigration system, making college more affordable, and ensuring economic opportunity for everyone. In contrast, her opponent, Congressman Heck, voted for a GOP budget that would cut funding for Nevada’s schools, opposes raising the minimum wage and supports the repeal of birthright citizenship. Congressman Heck has also “legitimized” birthers like Wayne Allyn Root.  Root is the most prominent birther in Nevada, routinely garnering headlines by attacking President Obama’s citizenship.

Time and again Congressman Heck has sided with his party’s leaders in Washington against Nevada’s AAPI community,” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “The AAPI community needs leaders like Catherine Cortez Masto who will represent their interests in Washington. In contrast, Congressman Heck has actively worked against policies that will help all Nevadans. Congressman Heck opposes comprehensive immigration reform, opposes raising the minimum wage, and wants to eliminate the Department of Education.”