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Tark and Fiore Are On The #TrumpTrain. Michael Roberson Still MIA…

Las Vegas, NV – This week, Tom DeLay protégé and GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson’s primary opponents Danny Tarkanian and Michele Fiore have made clear where they stand: if/when reality TV star and bigot-in-chief Donald Trump becomes the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, they will gladly hop on board the #TrumpTrain. Fiore and Tark join Governor Sandoval, Senator Heller, Congressman Heck and accidental Congressman Hardy in committing to support Trump if/when he eventually becomes the Republican Party’s standard-bearer for 2016.

Meanwhile, Roberson is still in hiding – declining interviews and walking away from simple questions.

Tark, talking to conservative radio host Alan Stock: “If anything is done that denies Trump the nomination if he rightfully deserves it – it will destroy the Republican Party for years to come and anybody running on the ticket, including myself and Joe Heck and anybody else that’s running in the general election.”

Fiore, speaking to press after filing for Congress: “If Trump becomes our nominee, I will be Trump’s biggest fighter, without a doubt… So yeah, so if Trump takes the nomination, I’m 150 percent going to support and fight for his win.”

We feel for Roberson, he’s in a tough spot. He’s the establishment-backed candidate who will spend the most money and have the most Republican endorsements – sound familiar? No wonder political commentator Jon Ralston observed this morning on KNPR, “I do think that Roberson has reason to be concerned.