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Michael Roberson Smiles & Walks Away from Trump Question

Las Vegas, NV – We all know Michael Roberson’s thirst for power is unquenchable, but would he really try to tie his chance at a political promotion and more power to Donald Trump’s Republican Rocket? Top Republicans in Nevada including Governor Brian Sandoval, Senator Dean Heller, Congressman Heck and accidental Congressman Cresent Hardy have all been crystal clear: if Trump is the Republican presidential nominee, we will choose party over country and support Donald Trump.

So what say you, Tom Delay protégé and GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson? Republicans held a “feisty” primary debate last week for the crowded CD-3 field (Roberson’s first debate since 2010!) that was chock-full of intra-party bickering and personal attacks.

Ahead of the event, Las Vegas Sun reporter Megan Messerly asked Roberson whether he would support Trump if he were the Republican nominee. Roberson’s response? “He just smiled and walked away.”

We understand Michael Roberson’s nervousness. From the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Ben Botkin over the weekend:

“For Republicans, it’s a delicate balance. Do they back Trump or reject him if he gets the nomination? A burning question: Will the anti-establishment fervor Trump has whipped up translate into heavier turnout in Nevada’s congressional primaries and a rejection of traditional Republican candidates?”

“Nevadans deserve to know if GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson will embrace the Republican Party’s divisive frontrunner and presumptive presidential nominee,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Press Secretary Stewart Boss. “We understand that jumping on board with a down-ballot apocalypse for your own party as you seek a political promotion requires a little messaging finesse, but Roberson and Trump are already in lock-step when it comes to demonizing immigrants and making life harder for working families. Roberson’s thirst for power can only be satiated by more power, so I guess we’ll just have to wait to see how exactly he’s going to jump on Trump’s Republican Rocket just like Major Kong. Ride that bomb Michael, it’ll be your ultimate power play!”