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Nevadans Rally to Demand Congressman Heck Stop GOP Obstructionists, Tell Congress to Do Its Job and Fill SCOTUS Seat

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Nevadans gathered outside of Congressman Heck’s Congressional office and called on him to tell his fellow Washington Republicans to do their job and take up the vacant Supreme Court seat. Congressman Heck has only provided confusing, indecipherable Washington-speak about his Republican friends’ refusal to consider any nominee from President Obama, despite the majority of Americans believing the Senate should do its job and take up the Supreme Court vacancy.

Congressman Heck still refuses to give a clear answer on whether he thinks the Senate should do its job and take up this vacancy, and as seen today, Nevadans want – and deserve – action,” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “Time and again, Congressman Heck has failed to stand up for the people of Nevada, instead contributing to the dysfunction in Washington caused by his party’s obstructionism.