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Congressman Heck Congratulates Presumed GOP Nominee and Soul Mate Donald Trump

Las Vegas, NV — Yesterday was a busy day for Congressman Heck and his Washington handlers. Just a few hours after the Congressman publicly confirmed that he will support Donald Trump as the Republican Presidential nominee, Trump won 7 out of 11 Super Tuesday state primaries and came even closer to securing the Republican nomination. In case Congressman Heck didn’t have a chance to write The Donald a note of congratulations, we decided to help out and provide a draft for him:

Dear Donald,

Congratulations! We’re You’re almost there! After months of our your hard work – things are finally paying off and we’re you’re one step closer to being the face of today’s anti-immigrant Republican party. Can’t wait to start brainstorming on how we can repeal birthright citizenship, take away a woman’s right to choose, and build that giant wall you’ve been talking about. Fingers crossed we’ll be sharing the ticket come November – that way Nevadans won’t forget that we’re on the same side on all the issues!

P.S., Can you relay this message to Sharron Angle? She has all my right-wing positions but without the Washington baggage I have, so naturally I’m scared.