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VIDEO: Accidental Congressman & Rubio Endorser Cresent Hardy Can’t Name Rubio Accomplishment

Las Vegas, NV – Accidental Congressman Cresent Hardy, who declined to endorse Marco Rubio until this past week, appeared on MSNBC with Thomas Roberts this morning to discuss Rubio’s embarrassing second-place finish in the Nevada GOP caucus. Rubio didn’t just get blown out of the water by 22 points by Donald Trump, he also barely beat Ted Cruz in a state that was supposed to be his firewall.

To be fair, Congressman Hardy isn’t known for being gifted with his words. But when asked to name a single Rubio accomplishment, Hardy couldn’t name anything that Rubio had done to qualify him for the White House. Watch the video.

Thomas Roberts: “But is there one thing you can name over the last year that you’ve seen firsthand on the Hill that he has done that demonstrates presidential character, to be able to get things done?”

Congressman Hardy: “On the Hill I have not seen that, he’s been running for a presidential race most of this year.”