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Nevada Republicans Show Nothing But Love For Donald Trump – Time for Congressman Heck To Do the Same and Embrace His Anti-Immigrant Ideological Soul Mate

Las Vegas, NV – Nothing could stop Nevada Republicans from showing their love for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump at last night’s Nevada Republican Party caucuses when Trump won nearly 50% of the vote. This begs an obvious question: Congressman Heck, what are you waiting for?

Congressman Heck’s Washington handlers said he was skipping the caucuses to be “on the East Coast.” Talk about “Home Means Nevada!” It’s time for Congressman Heck to finally tell Nevadans who he wants to see as the next Commander-in-Chief, and what better time than after the caucuses when a near majority of Nevada Republicans got behind his (presumed) favorite candidate?

With their nearly identical anti-immigrant, anti-women, and anti-middle class policies, there is very little daylight between Congressman Heck and Donald Trump,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Zukowski. “So why not make it official, Congressman Heck? Embrace the Republican frontrunner who shares your anti-immigrant, backwards agenda that a near majority of Nevada Republicans supported last night.”