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SNEAK PEEK: Rubio’s Nevada Victory Speech

February 23, 2016

Rubio Press Team
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SNEAK PEEK: Rubio’s Nevada Victory Speech

Grand Rapids, MITonight, the NV Dems managed to get a hold of Marco Rubio’s victory remarks that were left behind in his power station green room after he was unplugged and shipped off to Michigan after another “successful” second-place finish in Nevada.

Here’s the sneak peek of Rubio’s victory remarks, as prepared for delivery:

This is the moment they said would never happen. For months, for months they told us we had no chance. For months, they told us I was too robotic to offer Americans the authenticity they so rightly deserve. For months, they told us the person leading our state campaign was a politician without any power. (That part is still true.) For months, they said I was only the second choice of Nevada’s leading Republicans, and I proved them wrong when Dean Heller, Mark Amodei and Cresent Hardy refused to endorse me until this week.

So what if our “3-2-1” strategy never panned out? “3-5-2ish” was pretty darn close. And NOW, the momentum is on our side.

Tonight, we proved the establishment wrong. You can spend the most money, you can hire the best team, you can build a Nevada campaign that our supporters can be proud of — and you can still come in a strong second place.

Between my campaign and my super PAC, we spent more money on pointless TV ads than anyone else in the field.

We also spent more time visiting Nevada than any other Republican candidate.

We set up our operation early here, so we had a head start on the rest of the Republicans.

We convinced Governor Sandoval’s political dream team that brought you Senator John Ensign to lead our Nevada operation.

We told everyone we built the strongest Nevada ground game of any campaign. We tried to!

We reminded people incessantly that I grew up in Las Vegas, that I have tons of family here, that I’m basically the closest thing to a native son in the Republican field.

Last but not least, I was endorsed by Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Review-Journal – Nevada’s biggest newspaper – not once, not twice, but three times.

We picked up the support of basically every major establishment Republican politician in Nevada who endorsed ahead of the caucus (thanks for dropping out Jeb!).

And finally, I want to give a special shout-out to out-of-touch millionaire and personal injury lawyer Mark Hutchison – we couldn’t have asked for a better cheerleader. He has no real duties as Lieutenant Governor, so he tirelessly put all of his energy and effort into tweeting about this campaign. Tonight’s result is as much a reflection on his political future as it is mine!

Here’s the bottom line tonight: We went all in on Nevada — and that effort has been rewarded. By all accounts, this was an incredibly strong showing.

Moving forward, we are poised for success. If we can come close to winning here – a state where we had basically every institutional advantage imaginable – then I’m semi-confident we can continue coming in second in more states down the road. Remember, Florida is only like three weeks away.

Thank you Nevada, and God bless the United States of America!

On to Super Tuesday, and more runner-up finishes!