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DO YOUR JOB WATCH: Every GOP Senate Candidate Has Now Made a Decision on SCOTUS Vacancy…EXCEPT Congressman Heck

Las Vegas, NV — Yesterday, Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk announced that he thinks the Senate should do its job and take up the vacancy on the Supreme Court once President Obama makes his appointment.

Every Republican Senate candidate has now announced whether or not they support the Senate taking up the Supreme Court vacancy…except for Congressman Heck.

Congressman Heck’s only response on the vacancy so far has been that “each entity should exercise its prerogative.” Confused? Concerned? Yeah. So are we. Even after hiring a linguist that specializes in translating Washington-speak, we can’t think of anything else Congressman Heck means by that except: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Even Congressman Heck’s potential primary opponent, grassroots conservative Sharron Angle, has taken a position on this issue, and she isn’t even in the race!  At least, she isn’t yet.  But we digress.

Even Sharron Angle — who made a name for herself in 2010 dodging reporters’ questions — has been more honest with Nevadans about where she stands on the Supreme Court vacancy than Congressman Heck,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Zukowski.  “Every Republican Senate candidate has now taken a position on the issue of whether the Senate should go a whole year without doing its job, but all we get from Congressman Heck are non-answers and Washington-speak.”