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NV Dems Update Congressman Heck’s Resume in Light of Mark Amodei Telling Him to “Find a New Job”

Las Vegas, NV – It’s been over a week since Washington Republicans proposed going an entire year without doing their jobs and filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court, and Congressman Heck still won’t tell Nevadans where he stands.  Congressman Heck’s only response to questions on whether he agrees with his Party’s leaders in Washington that the Senate should not do its job for an entire year was to say, “each entity should exercise its prerogative.”  Confused by that?  So are we.  But then again, we haven’t been in Washington as long as Congressman Heck has to learn the Washington-speak he’s honed in his half a decade in Congress.

Career politician and lobbyist and fellow Washington Republican Congressman Mark Amdoei threw Heck under the bus last week when he told the Associated Press that anyone who is afraid to take a stand on this should “find a new job.”  We agree, and since Congressman Heck hasn’t shown any sign of giving Nevadans a straight answer, much less urging the Senate to do its job as Catherine Cortez Masto called for last week, we helpfully decided to update Congressman Heck’s resume today.

Please see below for an updated resume for Congressman Heck, complete with skill set, accomplishments, and references from the two men who know Congressman Heck the best!

Congressman Heck


  • Strong mastery of “Washington-speak” (see “each entity should exercise its prerogative” comment for a demonstration)
  • Shameless ability to tell people in Nevada I support immigration reform while opposing it in Washington and voting to deport DREAMers.
  • Absolute loyalty to my party’s leaders in Washington.
  • Obsessive commitment to avoiding taking any position that would upset my TEA Party base.



  • Repeatedly called Social Security a “pyramid scheme” that “isn’t working”;
  • Voted dozens of times to repeal the Affordable Care Act;
  • Called for the repeal of birthright citizenship long before Donald Trump made it trendy among Republicans;
  • Accepted my own pay while voting to shut down the federal government.


Professional History:

  • Congressman who votes with his Party in Washington 90% of the time, 2010-Present
  • Failed former candidate for Governor against Jim Gibbons and Brian Sandoval, March 2009 – October 2009
  • State Senator, 2004 – 2008



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