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Congressman Heck Still Won’t Endorse for President – Will He Caucus in 8 Days?

Las Vegas, NV – Nevada’s Republican caucus is only 8 days away, and Congressman Heck still hasn’t endorsed a candidate for President. Of course, considering he shares many of the extreme views of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, maybe the Congressman is just struggling to choose between the two GOP frontrunners. Congressman Heck’s potential Republican Primary opponent, grassroots conservative Sharron Angle, all but endorsed Donald Trump last week, putting added pressure on Congressman Heck to tell Nevadans where he stands.

Congressman Heck’s refusal to endorse begs an obvious question: Will he attend the Republican caucus on February 23rd? And if so – who will he caucus for?

We’ve heard from Sharron Angle, now it’s time for Nevadans to hear from Congressman Heck on who he supports for President,” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party.  “At some point Congressman Heck will have to answer who he supports for President – that is if he even plans to attend the Republican caucus. Regardless, Congressman Heck has already made clear he shares the same anti-immigrant, women, and worker policies as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.”