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Really, Congressman Heck? Armed Protesters’ Takeover of a Federal Facility Is “Probably” Too Far?

Las Vegas, NV – Today, the last armed antigovernment occupier — part of the group led by Ammon Bundy, the son Nevada’s own Cliven Bundy — surrendered to F.B.I. officials, putting an end to a 40-day standoff with federal and local authorities at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon.

Despite the 40-day standoff, which resulted in the death of one occupier, Congressman Heck refuses to support a resolution condemning the occupiers for threatening the use of deadly force. And given Congressman Heck’s remarks last weekend, we don’t expect him to sign on anytime soon. Last weekend, Congressman Heck spoke with the Elko Daily Free Press after touting his out of touch agenda at a GOP dinner. When asked about his position on public lands, Congressman Heck stated that, “taking over a federal facility is probably going just a bridge too far.”

Seriously, Congressman Heck?” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “Only a Washington politician afraid of offending his Party’s right wing extremists could say with a straight face that the armed takeover and occupation of a federal facility is PROBABLY a bit too far. Congressman Heck should drop the Washington double talk and support the resolution condemning this illegal armed occupation by people who have threatened violence.