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New NV Dems Video Ads Highlight Upcoming First in the West Presidential Caucus

Las Vegas, NV  The Nevada State Democratic Party announced today that it will expand its digital advertising campaign with three new 15-second video ads encouraging voters to participate in Nevada’s First in the West Democratic presidential caucus on Saturday, February 20. These video ads will run primarily on mobile devices on Facebook, Twitter, and various websites and apps.

“Our nation deserves better than the most extreme Republican presidential field in history, and Nevada is poised to play a key role in deciding whether Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders will lead the Democratic Party and win the White House in 2016,” said Zach Zaragoza, Executive Director of the Nevada State Democratic Party. “In less than two weeks, Democrats across our state will have the unique opportunity to get involved in our first competitive caucus since Nevada became an early state in 2008. These new video ads are part of the Nevada State Democratic Party’s ongoing efforts to communicate with our supporters in innovative ways and underscore how important it is for them to participate in our First in the West presidential caucus on Saturday, February 20.”

Here are the three new 15-second video ads:

“Do Better”

SCRIPT: “On Saturday, February 20th, caucus with Nevada Democrats, and help pick the Democratic nominee for President. Because America deserves better than this…”

“Key Role”

SCRIPT: “In presidential primaries, some places get more of a say than others. Nevada will play a key role in picking the Democratic nominee for President. So make your voice heard. On Saturday, February 20th, make a plan to caucus.”


SCRIPT: “Some of life’s important events are obvious, and some you only fully appreciate later. On Saturday, February 20th, caucus with the Democrats. Someday, you’ll be glad you did.”