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​Another Day, Another Vote By Congressman Heck to Help Out Big Banks, Hurt Hardworking Nevadans

Las Vegas, NV – Last week, Congressman Heck added one more line to the laundry list of votes he has taken in Washington that help out the Big Banks and hurt hardworking Nevadans. This time, Congressman Heck voted in support of legislation that would prevent the government from protecting consumers against fraud by shutting down the bank accounts of suspected fraudulent individuals or companies – directly compromising the government’s ability to enforce financial laws.

Sadly, for the people of Nevada, Congressman Heck and Washington Republicans’ latest anti-consumer, pro-Big Bank vote is no surprise,” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “Congressman Heck has made a career out of working for policies that pad the pockets of Big Banks at the expense of Nevada’s middle class. Instead of standing up for Nevada’s working families, Congressman Heck has voted to increase corporate tax breaks and to protect tax breaks for Big Oil and corporations that ship American jobs overseas.