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FRIDAY WRAP-UP: Ron Johnson Trashes Congressman Heck’s Fundraising, Washington GOP Gets Called Out For Lying About Catherine Cortez Masto

Las Vegas, NV – You can call it “Trumpmentum.”  You can call it “Cruz Control.” But you can’t call it a good week for Congressman Heck!  The ethically-challenged Congressman got off to a bad start this week when it was reported he was again out-raised by former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto.  Of course, it didn’t help that news of Congressman Heck’s fundraising broke not from his campaign, but from his fellow Washington Republican, Senator Ron Johnson. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Because as the odds increase that one of Congressman Heck’s anti-immigrant ideological soul mates shares a ticket with him, the ethically-challenged Congressman is once again out-raised by Catherine Cortez Masto, and Washington Republicans get called out for lying, this is the Friday Wrap-Up, where unlike the NRSC, we actually fact check these thing before we send. Let’s get started. 

Trumpmentum, Cruz Control? It Doesn’t Matter: Both GOP Frontrunners Share Congressman Heck’s Anti-Immigrant Agenda.

We’re not sure what Congressman Heck was doing while the Iowa results were coming in, though if past is prologue, we’d guess it involved using his taxpayer funded office to further his campaign.  But we digress… The fact is: Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz share Congressman Heck’s anti-immigrant views, such as opposing comprehensive immigration reform and repealing birthright citizenship.  So no matter which candidate wins the Republican reality show for the GOP nomination, their anti-immigrant views will clearly line up with their potential ticket-mate, Congressman Heck.  If he can survive that possible primary challenge from grassroots conservative Sharron Angle, that is.  But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. Cruz, Trump, Angle – they all look a little like Congressman Heck to us.

With Friends Like These: GOP Senate Candidate Trashes Congressman Heck’s Fundraising.

Wow! As if it wasn’t hard enough for Congressman Heck’s Washington handlers to spin the fact they were once again out-raised by Catherine Cortez Masto last quarter, one of Congressman Heck’s fellow GOP Senate candidates poured some salt in the wound.  According to Politico, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson’s campaign reported last Friday that his campaign had out-raised Congressman Heck.  Here’s why that’s annoying for the Heck campaign: They hadn’t announced Congressman Heck’s fundraising total yet!  Of course, it’s not like Congressman Heck had much to announce.  After all, since she launched her campaign for Senate, Catherine Cortez Masto has out-raised Congressman Heck every quarter.  Apparently voting against equal pay for equal work, opposing an increase in the minimum wage, and fast tracking a job-killing trade deal isn’t a compelling message for Congressman Heck.  We don’t expect Congressman Heck’s campaign to respond to any of this, though we can’t say the same for Ron Johnson’s campaign, apparently.

Washington Republicans Lie, Swing, and Miss Against Cortez Masto.

Well this one writes itself.  Washington Republicans were falling all over themselves a few weeks ago because they were upset about Catherine Cortez Masto supporting an increase in the minimum wage.  Surprising? No – after all, the Koch Brothers and Wall Street firms bankrolling Congressman Heck and Washington Republicans are on record opposing a raise in the minimum wage. But Republicans got a little too excited in their zeal to defend their billionaire benefactors, according to PolitiFact Nevada.  Their latest attack against Cortez Masto received a “mostly false” rating, and was called “highly misleading” by nonpartisan fact checkers.  Maybe Washington Republicans should do a little more homework the next time they launch a false attack against Cortez Masto.