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NV Dems Call on Congressman Heck to Apologize for Wasting Taxpayers’ Time and Money on Partisan Investigations into Planned Parenthood

Las Vegas, NV – Nevada State Democratic Party Spokeswoman Sarah Zukowski today called on Congressman Heck to apologize to Nevadan women, families, and taxpayers, for joining his fellow right-wing Republican Congressmen in pushing a partisan investigation into Planned Parenthood following the release of now-debunked videos last summer. Yesterday, a grand jury in Texas, convened by Republicans, dismissed all allegations against Planned Parenthood and instead indicted two of the anti-choice activists who created the illegal undercover videos:

Congressman Heck owes an apology to the people of Nevada for wasting their time and money on a Republican witch hunt. Instead of working on creating jobs or raising the minimum wage, Congressman Heck joined anti-choice Washington Republicans in calling for needless investigations into an organization that provides vital, life-saving services to more than 21,000 Nevada women. Congressman Heck and his Republican Party claim to be focused on reducing taxpayer spending, yet they wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on a completely partisan witch-hunt. This was nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to take away women’s constitutional right to choose and limit access to safe, affordable health care. Congressman Heck needs to apologize for putting partisan politics above the safety and concerns of Nevada women and families.”