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ICYMI: NV Dems Ready for Success One Month Out From Caucus Day

Las Vegas, NV – We are now less than one month away from our First in the West presidential caucuses (!!!), and the NV Dems have spent this week building excitement for the opportunity to help pick our Democratic nominee and 45th President. Our field team has been busy explaining our new digital tools to voters and hosting mock caucus trainings across the state to prepare volunteers to run their local precinct caucus on on Saturday, February 20 at 11 a.m. PT.

Nevada will be the first Western state and the third state in the country to make its voice heard in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary. Eligible Nevada voters can now use the NV Dems website to pre-register for the caucus and find their precinct caucus location.

Here’s a sampling of the press coverage from this week:

Las Vegas Sun

Heading into the caucuses, three Republican and two Democratic state contests will have already been decided. That makes winning Nevada all the more crucial for candidates here.

With former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders neck-and-neck in Iowa and Sanders pulling ahead in New Hampshire, winning Nevada could make a big difference.


Over the next month, Nevada Democrats will continue to host caucus training events heading up to the election. They have created an online caucus locator tool and will even pre-register caucusgoers online to speed up the process on caucus day.


With less than a month until the Nevada caucus, Washoe County Democrats are gearing up with mock caucuses to teach newcomers how it works. To demystify the process, our reporter Julia Ritchey attended one of these training sessions earlier this week.

About 50 people crowd into the Washoe County Democratic headquarters in Reno to learn how to caucus. But tonight, instead of pledging support for a candidate, they get to choose their preferred Muppet.

Volunteer: “Please go ahead and stand in the preference group of your choice…”

Volunteers hold up large poster boards in all four corners of the room, one for Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, Kermit and an Uncommitted Sam the Eagle.

Disorder quickly sets in as attendees criss-cross the room trying to decide which Muppet best represents their values. Organizers encourage the groups to try and persuade people to defect and a few Fozzie supporters start making impassioned stump speeches.

“I like his stand on illegal bear populations — waka, waka, waka,” says one Fozzie supporter.

“He hasn’t taken any money from Goldman Sachs!” says another supporter.

Fifteen minutes pass and organizers call the group to order and begin to count each faction.

After the dust settles, it’s clear that each muppet has enough support to be a viable candidate who can be awarded delegates. But to figure out how many, a volunteer has to explain the formula.

“I’m multiplying the number of supporters in Fozzie’s group, which is 16; I’m multiplying by the number of delegates that we’re awarding in this precinct, which is eight, and then dividing by the number of attendees, which is 51, and we get 2.51 … and then we’re going to round up to three.”

Got that? After tallying up each group, Kermit and Fozzie are top with the most delegates.

In the real caucus next month, each group will select its delegates who will represent them at the county convention in April, and from there the state convention in May.

KVVU Las Vegas (FOX)

A Democratic training session on Thursday used Star Wars to help keep people engaged.

“We’re first in the West and we want to make sure that everybody is ready and gets energizes and motivated to attend,” said Nevada Assemblywoman Olivia Diaz, D-North Las Vegas.

Representatives and voters gathered at nonprofit Hermandad Mexicana’s facility on the east side of Las Vegas to prepare ahead of the Feb. 20 caucus.

“I’m interested in learning about the process here and I’m very excited for this,” attendee Jessica Cordova said.



KSNV Las Vegas (NBC)

For both parties, Nevada’s importance could be magnified by the dynamics currently playing out. For the Democrats, Sanders is giving Clinton a stiff challenge in Iowa and leading her in New Hampshire. Nevada, the 3rd contest in the Democratic nominating calendar, could become an important Clinton firewall to snuff out Sanders’ momentum. For Sanders, a strong showing in Nevada would mean his candidacy has legs in a state that looks like America.

KLAS Las Vegas (CBS)

KVVU Las Vegas (FOX)

Telemundo Las Vegas

Ambos partidos se preparan para las elecciones


Con la llegada de las fecha para que cada partido determine a sus candidatos de cara a la carrera por la presidencia de los Estados Unidos, ambos partidos se preparan para realizar sus asambleas o CAUCUS.

Tanto demócratas como republicanos se preparan para la elección de sus candidatos en su siguiente asamblea y para los residentes de Las Vegas, está la oportunidad de asistir a estas juntas.

El partido demócrata ofrecerá su asamblea esta 20 de febrero y para poder asistir se necesita estar registrado en su partido, para poder registrarse y más información sobre este evento, puede ingresar a nvdems.com.