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CAUCUS MEMO: With One Month to Go, NV Dems Ready for Successful Caucus

To: Interested Parties
From: Zach Zaragoza, Executive Director, Nevada State Democratic Party
Subject: CAUCUS MEMO: With One Month to Go, NV Dems Ready for Successful Caucus
Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We are now just one month away – 31 days out – from Nevada’s First in the West Democratic presidential caucuses on Saturday, February 20 at 11 a.m. PT. The Nevada State Democratic Party is working hard to ensure a successful process as we help Nevadans come together to pick our Democratic nominee and the 45th President of the United States.

Current polling over the last month points to an increasingly competitive race on the Democratic side in the first two early states: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are neck-and-neck in Iowa, while Bernie Sanders continues to hold an edge in New Hampshire. As the third state in the nomination process for Democrats, Nevada is positioned to either be a critical firewall or a key opportunity to notch a tie-breaking victory that shifts the momentum of the race.

With Nevada’s caucuses rapidly approaching, the Clinton and Sanders campaigns are both up on the airwaves in Nevada with television ads. Sanders’ ads explain his personal story and vision for political change and lay out his plan for Wall Street regulation. Clinton’s ad touts her support for equal pay for equal work policies that will help women in the workplace.

The Republican presidential candidates have largely failed to invest significant resources in Nevada for grassroots outreach ahead of the GOP’s presidential caucuses on Tuesday, February 23. Meanwhile, Democrats are growing their ground game. The Clinton campaign has opened seven field offices since July 2015, and the Sanders campaign has announced 11 organizing offices since October 2015. Nevada will once again be a battleground state in 2016, and the organizing work that happens before the caucuses will help to register and engage new Democratic voters and mobilize our volunteers early in the election cycle.

As we get closer to Caucus Day, here’s a quick look at how the NV Dems are preparing for all eyes to be on Nevada one month from today:

  • Caucus Dinner:  2,200 energized Democrats rallied at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to hear from Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders at the Nevada State Democratic Party’s “Battle Born/Battleground” First in the West Caucus Dinner on January 6. It was a raucous event that lauded Senator Harry Reid’s advocacy for Nevada’s early state status, celebrated our diversity, and showed just how much enthusiasm there is for electing Democrats in 2016.
  • Mock Caucus Trainings:  The NV Dems field organizing team has partnered with Democratic elected officials across the state to host a series of mock caucus trainings. These events simulate the caucus process, demonstrate our new online caucus tools and prepare volunteers for how to run their local precinct caucus on Caucus Day.
  • New Website:  Our website is a critical part of communicating with Nevadans about the caucus process. That’s why we redesigned nvdems.com to make our platform mobile-friendly, improve the navigation and create a more visual user experience.
  • Caucus Express System:  Our innovative pre-registration tool will help Nevada Democrats save time and speed up the process of signing in on Caucus Day. Pre-registration is an easy three-step process that can be completed online, including on your mobile device, at caucus.nvdems.com. Users who pre-register will receive their caucus location and updates about the caucus via email, and they can also enroll to receive text message alerts. On Caucus Day, pre-registered Democrats will be able to proceed to the express check-in lane at their caucus location.
  • Caucus Locator Tool:  We launched a new online tool to help all Nevadans find their precinct caucus location so they can participate in our First in the West presidential caucuses. There will be more than 200 different caucus locations statewide. To use the caucus locator tool, users simply enter their current home address in Nevada. The result will provide Google Maps directions and the precinct caucus location address. The caucus locator tool is part of a new online hub for caucus information at nvdems.com/caucus.

With the White House and control of the U.S. Senate on the line in 2016, the candidate we nominate to lead our party in this election is incredibly important. Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican field are dead set on ripping apart all of the progress that President Obama has achieved in the White House over the last seven years. Our caucuses will help select the Democratic nominee who will win the general election and defeat the Party of Trump this November.

We are excited for the busy month ahead, and we will continue to work hard over the next 31 days to lay the groundwork for a successful caucus process that makes Nevadans proud.