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Supreme Court Taking Up Executive Actions Highlight Congressman Heck’s Anti-Immigrant Voting Record

Las Vegas, NV – This morning, news broke that the Supreme Court would review the executive actions President Obama implemented to keep families together.  To be clear: President Obama had to issue these executive actions because Washington politicians like Congressman Heck have failed to do their jobs and pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill.  While even Republicans like Marco Rubio and Dean Heller supported a bipartisan immigration reform bill that passed the Senate over two years ago (though Rubio doesn’t like to talk about that anymore), Congressman Heck opposed that bill.

Congressman Heck votes with his Party 90% of the time, and even voted with Washington Republicans in eliminating funding for President Obama’s executive action.  Congressman Heck even supports GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s plan to repeal birthright citizenship for American citizens born to immigrant families.

“Time and again Congressman Heck has followed Donald Trump’s lead by siding with the anti-immigrant wing of the Republican Party and opposing efforts to keep families together,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson. “From opposing immigration reform, to voting with his Party to deport DREAMers, Congressman Heck has repeatedly made clear Nevada’s Latino community can’t trust him to stand up for them.”