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“Trainwreck” Nevada AG Adam Laxalt Endorses Ted Cruz

Las Vegas, NV  The NV Dems are shocked to hear reports that the most shamelessly partisan Attorney General in Nevada’s history went on right-wing radio this morning to endorse Senator Ted Cruz, one of the most divisive presidential candidates in recent memory. In 2014, humiliating performance reviews revealed that Laxalt’s former law firm thought he was an incompetent “trainwreck” of an employee who lacked “basic skills” and required “babysitting.” For the #CruzCrew’s sake, we hope Laxalt will turn out to be less incompetent as a campaign surrogate than he is as an attorney!

“From his political attacks on Planned Parenthood to his shameful lawsuit to stop President Obama’s action to keep immigrant families together, Adam Laxalt’s divisive first year as Attorney General shows exactly why he’s on Team Cruz. These two blindly ambitious politicians have demonized immigrant families and LGBT Americans and launched extreme ideological crusades just to advance their own partisan agendas and boost their own political profiles with Republican primary voters.” — Nevada State Democratic Party Press Secretary Stewart Boss

Cruz and Laxalt have an awful lot in common:

  • They both vilify undocumented workers for political gain.
  • They are both stridently anti-LGBT.
  • They have both alienated Americans and even their own party with extreme ideological fights.


ANTI-IMMIGRANT: Cruz, who just last week essentially threatenedto deport a frightened young DREAMer, has relentlessly used ‘amnesty’ charges to attack his Republican primary opponents and opposes legal status for undocumented immigrants. Laxalt has beenlabeled “the face of anti-immigration in Nevada” for adding the state to a partisan lawsuit that seeks to overturn DAPA, deport Nevada’s DREAMers and tear apart immigrant families.

ANTI-LGBT: Eager to burnish his 2016 credentials with GOP primary voters, Cruz has consistently been “out and proud with his anti-gay views…by repeatedly inserting himself into anti-gay firestorms.” That’s why an array of anti-gay forces are rallying around Cruz. Longtime anti-LGBT crusader Laxalt has said you can’t be a leader and accept homosexuality, has questioned LGBT integration into society and believes military members shouldn’t have to live with the ‘homosexual lifestyle.’

PRO-EXTREMISM: These two peas in a pod both crashed on the political scene by waging misguided ideological crusades that turned off large swaths of the American people and even members of their own party. Cruz forced a disastrous federal government shutdown in 2013 over his opposition to the Affordable Care Act, and he has built his career in the Senate around alienating his Republican colleagues. For his part, Laxalt is known to have a“frosty relationship” with Governor Brian Sandoval thanks to controversial lawsuits on immigration and lands use. He’s now in the midst of a contentious legal battle accusing Lieutenant Governor (and Rubio backer) Mark Hutchison of behaving in an unethical manner.