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AP: Nevada Democrats’ web tool aims to simplify caucus process

January 5, 2016

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — The Nevada Democratic Party hopes to drive turnout and make the caucus process easier with a new online pre-registration tool.

The party is unveiling Caucus Express this week. Democrats who pre-register on the mobile site will get details about their caucus location and can opt for text-message caucus updates.

Pre-registered voters can join an express check-in line when they arrive to caucus.

Democrats will choose between three presidential candidates at the Nevada caucuses on Saturday, Feb. 20. The state is third in the Democratic nominating process, and the first Western state to voice its opinion this season.

The tool aims to guide voters on how to participate in a caucus, which is often more time-consuming and unfamiliar than casting a ballot in a primary or general election.

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