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Congressman Heck Says He’s Still Open to Supporting Donald Trump

Las Vegas, NV – Yesterday, after Nevada Democrats not-so anonymously took over the Las Vegas Review-Journal website to pressure ethically-challenged Congressman Heck to finally give an answer on whether he would support Donald Trump if he wins the GOP nomination, Heck gave a revealing response.  Congressman Heck said he was “reserving judgment” on who he would support as the Republican nominee.  What does that mean?

Well, let us translate the politician-speak Congressman Heck has expertly honed in his years in Washington, and tell you what it means to real people: Congressman Heck is still open to supporting Trump.

“Despite his incessant attacks on women, immigrants, and working families, ethically-challenged Congressman Heck said he is still open to supporting Donald Trump for President,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “Only a Washington politician like Congressman Heck would be too chicken to stand up to Donald Trump, much less be open to supporting Trump for President.”