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On Day of GOP Debate, NV Dems Take Over Las Vegas Review-Journal Website to Hold Congressman Heck Accountable on Whether He Would Support Donald Trump as GOP Nominee

Las Vegas, NV – Before you ask – no, we are not the anonymous new owners… Today, on the day of the Republican Presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada Democrats announced the takeover of the Las Vegas Review-Journal homepage with ads holding ethically-challenged Congressman Heck accountable.  While he rushed to endorse GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s plan to repeal birthright citizenship, Congressman Heck so far has refused to say whether he would support Trump if he wins the Republican nomination.  The ads on the R-J’s website direct viewers to an online petition demanding Congressman Heck give Nevadans an answer on whether he would support Trump as the Republican nominee for President.

“Considering his time in Washington, it’s no wonder ethically-challenged Congressman Heck has become a master in talking like a politician and refusing to give an answer on whether he would support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Regardless, Nevadans deserve to know if Congressman Heck will support his Party’s frontrunner should Donald Trump win the Republican nomination.”