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GOP-Backed Court Case Could Deny Representation to More Than 930,000 Nevadans

Las Vegas, NV – On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of the United States will hear oral arguments in Evenwel v. Abbott, a conservative-backed redistricting case that seeks to base legislative districts on the number of eligible voters rather than the total population. As The Atlantic reports, “The change would produce a political earthquake. Eligible voters as a group are older (no children under 18, to begin with), wealthier, and more Republican.” This change, pushed by a Texas Republican Party leader, would deny representation to tens of millions of Americans, including those under the age of 18, legal permanent residents, and DREAMers.

In Nevada, a new analysis finds that more than 930,000 people could be denied representation in drawing legislative districts. That includes 600,000 young people under the age of 18 – roughly 250,000 who are Hispanic and nearly 60,000 who are African American. If the Supreme Court makes the wrong decision, the impact would be particularly problematic in Nevada, where many legal residents and undocumented immigrants are not eligible voters.

Fifty years after the passage of the Voting Rights Act, Republicans across the country are engaged in politically motivated efforts to suppress the vote. GOP leaders have enacted restrictive voter ID laws, rolled back early voting and same-day voter registration, and blocked efforts to restore key voter protection provisions of the Voting Rights Act.

The Nevada State Democratic Party released the following statement on the potential disenfranchisement of thousands of young people and minorities in Nevada:

“It’s no surprise that Republicans, who have systematically attacked ballot box access and voting rights, are pushing to unravel the principle that everyone in America – no matter who they are or where they live – deserves equal representation. The blatantly partisan goal of this lawsuit is clear: to help Republicans win elections by undercounting young people and minority communities, which tend to lean Democratic. Rather than working with Democrats to solve the problems our country faces, Republicans continue to pursue a strategy of disenfranchisement that would silence voters who don’t support their extreme, out-of-touch agenda.” — Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange