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Congressman Heck Touts the Support of Jim “I’d Vote For Slavery” Wheeler

Las Vegas, NV – We guess his constituents wanted it…Yesterday, ethically-challenged Congressman Heck thanked Republican Assemblyman Jim Wheeler for supporting his Senate campaign.  Remember Jim Wheeler? You probably do, but just in case here’s a reminder: he’s the guy who said he would vote to bring back slavery — if his constituents wanted it, of course.

There’s even a nifty photo of Wheeler supporting Congressman Heck to boot!

“Considering Jim Wheeler said he would vote for slavery if his constituents wanted it, one would think Congressman Heck wouldn’t want to touch the fringe TEA Party figure with a ten foot pole,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “It’s disturbing that a candidate for United States Senate would even accept the endorsement of someone like Wheeler, much less openly thank him for his support.”