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NV Dems Statement on Donald Trump Office Opening in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV The Nevada State Democratic Party issued the following statement today in response to 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump opening his new campaign office in Las Vegas:

“Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for the White House this year by hatefully accusing Mexican immigrants of bringing drugs, crime and rape into the United States, and somehow it has only gone downhill from there. Whether it’sveterans, women, immigrants or Muslim-Americans, the GOP’s 2016 frontrunner seems to have a limitless capacity to offend and insult the American people as he panders to the worst instincts of Republican primary voters. Just this week, he said he would be open to special IDs and a mandatory database to track Muslim-Americans. Trump’s continued strength is causing all-out panic as his rivals like Ben CarsonTed Cruz and Marco Rubio embrace his fringe ideas instead of denouncing him – ensuring that the eventual Republican nominee will be doomed in the general election in Nevada and across the country. Trump’s extreme positions and divisive rhetoric could not be more out of touch with Nevada families who welcome our state’s vibrant culture and diverse population.” — Nevada State Democratic Party Press Secretary Stewart Boss