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CAUCUS MEMO: With 100 Days to Go, NV Dems Laying the Groundwork for Successful 2016 First in the West Presidential Caucuses

To: Interested Parties
From: Zach Zaragoza, Executive Director, Nevada State Democratic Party
Subject: CAUCUS MEMO: With 100 Days to Go, NV Dems Laying the Groundwork for Successful 2016 First in the West Presidential Caucuses
Date: Thursday, November 12, 2015

In just 100 days, Nevada Democrats will gather with neighbors in precincts across the state to caucus for their preferred Democratic Presidential candidates. On Saturday, February 20th, 2016, Nevada will be the first Western state and the third state in the country to make its voice heard in the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary. Tonight, Democratic leaders and local volunteers will come together at events around Nevada to mark this important milestone and gear up for a statewide weekend of action knocking on doors and making recruitment calls.

Presidential candidates will be aggressively courting Democratic voters in Nevada over the next 100 days. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is canvassing and hosting phone banks today as they accelerate their on-the-ground organizing. Bernie Sanders attracted more than 2,000 supporters at a North Las Vegas rally on Sunday, and his campaign plans to open seven to 12 field offices this month. Earlier this week, Sanders and Martin O’Malley both spoke at a Las Vegas forum to highlight their strong support for immigration reform.

From hiring an extensive team of field organizers and launching mock caucus trainings across the state to expanding our digital and communications operation, the Nevada State Democratic Party is laying the groundwork for a successful caucus process. Our early organizing efforts will help us build the infrastructure to elect Democrats who stand up for Nevada’s working families, not billionaires and out-of-state special interests.

Drawing a strong contrast: The early attention of the February caucuses provides a powerful opportunity in Nevada to contrast Democratic accomplishments against the failed policies and extreme positions of Republican candidates. Whether it’s fighting for college affordability, tackling economic inequality or supporting immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship, the 2016 Democratic Presidential candidates are aggressively demonstrating why they are prepared to govern — and why the GOP’s priorities are wrong for Nevada families.

Growing the Western voice of the Democratic Party: More than any other state in the country, Nevada reflects the growing diversity of the Democratic Party and the general election electorate that sent a Democrat to the White House in 2008 and 2012. Whether it is our growing Hispanic, AAPI, and African American communities, the large population of young voters and military families, or the strength of organized labor here, few states possess the demographic, regional and cultural diversity of Nevada. Our First in the West caucuses put Nevada’s vibrant electorate in the national spotlight.

Building our ground game: Nevada Democrats will have more than 200 caucus locations across the state, and we are recruiting more than 2,000 precinct chairs and volunteers to help run the caucuses. The Democratic caucuses will serve as an essential grassroots organizing tool to mobilize our volunteers early in the 2016 election cycle.

Setting the stage for November 2016: Up and down the ticket, Nevada is poised to play a key role as a highly competitive battleground state in the general election. The 2016 Democratic caucuses are the first step in winning Nevada for the Democratic nominee for President, electing Catherine Cortez Masto to the U.S. Senate, taking back our majorities in the Nevada Assembly and Senate, re-electing Dina Titus and sending more Democrats to join her in the U.S. House of Representatives.