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Who Does Congressman Heck Support for Speaker?

Las Vegas, NV – As the House of Representatives gavels back in, Roll Call reported yesterday that Congressman Heck and House Republicans are meeting this evening behind closed doors to discuss “the October agenda.”  What could be on that agenda?  Repealing the Affordable Care Act, defunding Planned Parenthood – you know, the usual stuff.  But apart from their routine dysfunction and attacks on the healthcare of Nevada women and working families, Congressman Heck and House Republicans will soon have another decision to make: who will they support in the race to be the next Speaker of the House of Representatives?

One would think that if Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan does in fact run for Speaker, he would be a natural choice for Congressman Heck.  After all, Congressman Heck has voted multiple times for the House Republican budgets Ryan has authored that end Medicare as we know it by turning it over to private insurance companies while cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans.  But so far, Congressman Heck has remained silent.

“Given their mutual support for budgets that slash programs for Nevada seniors, students, and middle class families while rewarding millionaires and special interests, one would think Paul Ryan would be a natural choice for Congressman Heck to support to be the next Speaker,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “But regardless of who Congressman Heck supports for Speaker, Nevadans are sure to see more of the rampant dysfunction he and Washington Republicans have made their trademark.”