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Former Sandoval Chief of Staff Joins Congressman Heck and Other Republicans in Running Away From Governor’s Signature Policy Achievement

Las Vegas, NV – Why can’t Nevada Republicans get along?  Today, Steve Sebelius reported that GOP state senate candidate Heidi Gansert continues to refuse to take a position on Governor Brian Sandoval’s revenue plan to increase education funding.  Why is Gansert’s refusal to tell the voters where she stands on Sandoval’s signature policy achievement notable, you ask?  Maybe because she used to be…you know… his Chief of Staff.  But honestly, Gansert’s stunning display of disrespect to Governor Sandoval isn’t that surprising given the recent behavior of Nevada Republicans.  Just look at the top of the Republican ticket next year in Nevada, Donald Trump Congressman Heck.

Congressman Heck went further than Gansert and outright opposed Sandoval’s plan to invest more money in Nevada schools.  In fact, he said he opposed it on his first day as a declared candidate for U.S. Senate.

“On day one of his Senate campaign Congressman Heck declared his opposition to Governor Sandoval’s plan to increase education funding, and now other Nevada Republicans are following his lead,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “It would be nice if Congressman Heck set an example for Nevada Republicans that didn’t involve shortchanging Nevada kids.”