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Brutal Coverage of Congressman Heck and Donald Trump’s Proposal to Repeal Birthright Citizenship

MundoMax / Univision / MSNBC

Las Vegas, NV – Congressman Heck is earning brutal local and national news coverage over his and Donald Trump’s proposal to repeal birthright citizenship.  Instead of working to pass comprehensive immigration reform, Congressman Heck and Donald Trump are spending their time attacking the citizenship of American children born to immigrant families.

For a comprehensive summary of the coverage from this week, see MundoMaxUnivison, and MSNBC.  Please see English translations below for the Spanish-language segments.

MundoMax Las Vegas:

Anchor: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent comments about immigration policy have generated controversy among voters and community activists. Mar Gonzalez attended a protest about it and brings us the details.

Reporter: That’s right. Activists arrived at the offices of Congressman Joe Heck to protest his stance against the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, advocating for the repeal of birthright citizenship. This means that magnate [Donald Trump] opposes birthright citizenship, or a right to citizenship for any child born within a country’s borders, regardless of his parents’ legal status. This is an immigration plan that Congressman Joe Heck supports, causing inconformity among activists given the recent announcement that he will run for Senate. Heck stated that birthright citizenship should be part of the immigration debate.

Assemblyman Nelson Araujo: We’ve come to tell him ‘basta.’ We must respond to the attacks of Republican presidential candidates like Donald Trump and tell them that the community won’t support that kind of agenda.

Reporter: President Obama’s executive actions on immigration allow undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children as well as the undocumented parents of U.S. citizens to remain in the country. Some consider these actions unconstitutional.

Lawyer Arlene Rivera: This is a policy written into the U.S. Constitution and is recognized on a global scale. Now [Heck] wants it included in the debate. This is not something we should be debating. We shouldn’t be discussing how to take away immigrants’ rights.

Reporter: On the other hand, they indicated that Congressman Heck not only supports remarks challenging the 14th Amendment, but also their human rights.

Jose Macias: My history with Congressman Heck began when he first became a congressman. He has never supported immigration causes like DACA – he twice voted against DACA and blocked DAPA.

Reporter: The activists will continue to fight for human rights [CUTS OFF]

Univision Las Vegas:

Anchor: During a press conference outside the office of Congressman Joe Heck, Assemblyman Nelson Araujo and activist Jose Macias, joined by supporters, talked about immigration and the U.S.-born children of immigrants. Assemblyman Araujo indicated that press conference had a special request of the congressman.

Araujo: We are here to tell Congressman Joe Heck not to subscribe to presidential candidate Donald Trump’s platform, and to instead focus on comprehensive immigration reform because these attacks on our children are unfair and go against our country’s constitution.

Anchor: The assemblyman also said that the “anchor babies” debate goes against the Constitution.