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Will Congressman Heck Defend Opposition to Sandoval’s Education Increase at the Chamber Tomorrow?

Watch Heck opposing Sandoval’s education plan

Las Vegas, NV – This week is Back to School Week in Nevada – a fact Congressman Heck’s Washington staffers may not have realized when scheduling the multiple-term Congressman for a speech at the Chamber of Commerce tomorrow.  You see – the timing is unfortunate for Congressman Heck, as Nevadans across the state begin to see the benefits go into effect of the increase in education funding passed by Governor Sandoval and the legislature.

Among the improvements to education Nevadans will notice this year that wouldn’t exist if Congressman Heck had his way:

· More teachers in the classroom
· Teacher supply reimbursements
· Breakfast after the bell

Every Democrat in the Nevada legislature supported Governor Sandoval’s increase in education funding – and even some conservative Republicans.  But not Congressman Heck.   No – on the first day of his campaign for Senate, Congressman Heck came out against Sandoval’s education plan, putting him in the wing of the Republican Party that supports extremists like Michele Fiore and wants to censure Brian Sandoval.

“Just like he acts in Washington — Congressman Heck joined Republicans in Nevada who support gridlock and a status quo that puts wealthy special interests ahead of Nevada parents, children, and teachers,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.