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Dean Heller’s “Good Friend” Jeb Bush on Yucca Mountain

Las Vegas, NV – He really is becoming a self-parody… Today, Yucca Mountain lobbyist Jeb Bush received the endorsement of the hardest-working man in Nevada politics apart from Mark Amodei, Senator Dean Heller. Here’s what is interesting about Heller’s endorsement of Bush: earlier this year, Heller said Florida Senator Marco Rubio “dropped down” on Heller’s list of preferred presidential candidates over Rubio’s support of Yucca Mountain.  Heller went on to say Rubio’s support for turning Nevada into a nuclear waste dump would make it “difficult” for Heller to support Rubio.

So consider us confused when Heller announced this morning his support of Jeb Bush, who Jon Ralston reported is still to this day on the board of a pro-Yucca lobbying organization.

“Dean Heller’s endorsement of Yucca Mountain lobbyist Jeb Bush today demonstrates that Heller’s earlier statement about Marco Rubio was his usual hot air and nothing more,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “It’s alarming that Dean Heller would so easily sell out his home state to a politician like Jeb Bush who supports turning Nevada into a nuclear waste dump.”