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Ahead of Congressman Heck’s Northern Nevada Tour, Kate Marshall, Reno Seniors & Washoe Dems Slam Heck Over Social Security Privatization Proposal

Reno, NV – This morning, ahead of Congressman Heck’s tour in Northern Nevada, former Nevada State Treasurer Kate Marshall, Reno seniors, and the Washoe County Democratic Party slammed Congressman Heck’s Social Security privatization proposal at a press conference in Reno.

The press conference served as an introduction of Congressman Heck’s record to voters in Northern Nevada.  Beyond calling for the privatization of Social Security, Congressman Heck has called Social Security a “pyramid scheme” that “isn’t working.”

“While most of us in Nevada view Social Security as a critical program that thousands of Nevada seniors rely on for their retirement security, Congressman Heck calls it a ‘pyramid scheme’ that ‘isn’t working,’” said Marshall.  “Even worse – Congressman Heck actually supports privatizing Social Security and subjecting seniors’ retirement security to the whims of Wall Street.  There is only one candidate in this Senate race who will protect Social Security and fight to ensure Nevada seniors can retire with dignity – and that candidate is Catherine Cortez Masto.”

“Thousands of Nevadans depend on Social Security as their sole source of income, but Congressman Heck wants to privatize it and put seniors’ retirement security in the hands of Wall Street,” said Reno senior Janice Flanagan. “The choice in this Senate race could not be more clear. Catherine Cortez Masto has a lifetime record of protecting Nevada seniors and will protect Social Security as our next Senator. In contrast, Congressman Heck thinks Social Security is a ‘pyramid scheme’ that ‘isn’t working’ and wants to privatize the program.”