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Former Lehman Banker and Yucca Supporter Announces Presidential Candidacy

Las Vegas, NV – With 16 Republican presidential candidates in the field, it’s getting hard to distinguish them from one another. So here are two things you can use to remember who John Kasich is:

Kasich was a managing director at Lehman Brothers, one of the investment banks that was integral to the 2008 crash and subsequent economic crisis that put nearly 9 million Americans out of work. When asked about his time at the company, he said “Are you kidding? Regrets? I thought it was a fantastic time…It was great.” Ironically, today is also the fifth anniversary of the passage of Wall Street reform, passed in response to the financial crisis. Unsurprisingly, Kasich said that Wall Street reform “went overboard,” and wants to let big banks go back to writing the rules.

Kasich is an unequivocal supporter of storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, an unpopular position that some GOP candidates try to hide from the public.

So there it is – if you want a Wall Street banker in the White House who will sign off on storing nuclear waste less than 100 miles from Las Vegas, Kasich’s your man!