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NV Dems Send Boss Michael Roberson a Pop Quiz on Congressman Heck’s Record

Las Vegas, NV – Last week, in announcing his campaign for Congress, former Tom DeLay operative and GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson called Congressman Heck a “model of excellence.”  Well, if you take a look at Congressman Heck’s record, you will quickly realize that there is nothing “excellent” about it.  But we’ll forgive boss Roberson for not realizing that, since he was busy this year ramming through the Nevada legislature handouts to his wealthy campaign donors.

So – in a sincere effort to be as helpful as possible to the protege of the indicted former Texas Congressman Tom DeLay – here is a pop quiz to help boss Roberson study Congressman Heck’s record.  Maybe then he’ll realize that Congressman Heck’s record is anything but excellent.  And because we know how difficult it can be to wait on test results, we’ve provided the answers for boss Roberson.  But no cheating, Senator Roberson – you have to guess first before looking at the answer.

Question 1:  What did Congressman Heck call Social Security?

a)    A program seniors rely on to retire with dignity
b)   A pyramid scheme
c)   Something that needs to be privatized
d)   b and c

Answer: d

Question 2: What did Congressman Heck say to a group of country club golfers about “anchor babies?”

a)    It’s an offensive term that should never be used
b)   It should be part of the debate on immigration reform
c)   Mr. Trump, I didn’t know you were here tonight!

Answer: b

Question 3: Congressman Heck voted multiple times to do what to Medicare?

a)    Protect it
b)   Strengthen it
c)   End the program as we know it by turning it over to private insurance companies

Answer: c

Question 4: Who is the most prominent Arizonan who Congressman Heck has campaigned with?

a)    Senator John McCain
b)   Singer Stevie Nicks
c)   Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Answer: c

Question 5: What did Congressman Heck call Nevada’s housing crisis?

a)    A serious problem that has caused too many Nevadans to be forced out of their homes by the big banks
b)   A blip on the radar
c)   A pyramid scheme

Answer: b, though we’d forgive you if you guessed c

Question 6: Congressman Heck has done what on the Affordable Care Act?

a)    Voted to keep it intact
b)   Voted multiple times to repeal the law without offering a legitimate alternative
c)   Voted to shut down the federal government so Washington Republicans could defund the Affordable Care Act
d)   b and c

Answer: d

Question 7: Which of the following has Congressman Heck supported?

a)    Tax breaks for corporations that ship American jobs overseas
b)   Banning abortion for rape victims
c)   Deporting thousands of Nevada DREAMers
d)   Cutting Pell Grants
e)    All of the above

Answer: e

Question 8: Which of the following has Congressman Heck opposed?

a)    Increasing the minimum wage
b)   Ensuring women receive equal pay for equal work
c)   Comprehensive immigration reform that secures the borders and provides a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants
d)   All of the above

Answer: d


Better study up, boss Roberson.