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FACT CHECK: Rhetoric vs. Reality in Congressman Heck’s Announcement Video

Las Vegas, NV – This morning, Congressman Heck announced his candidacy for United States Senate on a right-wing radio show.  Before going on the show, Heck’s campaign released a web video that was heavy on rhetoric and low on facts about his actual record.  Take a brief glance below at the claims Congressman Heck makes in the video vs. the painful reality (for Heck) of his actual voting record.

Heck: “I know how to identify a problem and provide a solution, because I started and operated a small business. That’s a lesson Washington should learn.” Heck voted with Republican leaders in Washington 90 percent of the time and voted to shutdown the government.
Heck: “I see a Nevada of unlimited opportunity… a place with better jobs, higher wages… and the chance to rise as far as the path will take us.” Heck opposed raising the minimum wage and equal pay for women.
Heck: “I’ll protect Medicare and Social Security and preserve it for future generations.” Heck voted to turn Medicare into a voucher program, called Social Security a pyramid scheme and backed privatizing Social Security.
Heck: “Like my immigrant grandparents coming to America, most Nevadans came here for a new start, a better life, and more opportunity. We turned the desert into a place of new beginnings.” Heck voted to deport DREAMers, opposed comprehensive immigration reform and tried to assuage concerns about “anchor babies.”
Heck: “I know the importance of having a job, because my father was out of work.  That’s why I’ve worked to create jobs by cutting big government and streamlining work-force training programs.” Heck voted against giving assistance to workers harmed by trade deals.
Heck: “My parents encouraged me to study hard and excel at school and I was the first in my family to go to college. I know the value of a good education and that’s why I’ll strengthen our K-12 system… and make college more affordable and accessible for our families.” Heck called for eliminating the Department of Education, voted to cut education funding by $1 billion and to raise student loan interest rates.
Heck: “I know the pain families feel when a loved one is sick, because I’m a physician. When my father needed emergency surgery, Medicare covered him.” Heck voted to defund family planning services and co-sponsored a bill forcing women to pay more for birth control if employers drop coverage.