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Joe Heck Votes Against Relief for Workers Who Lose Their Jobs Because of His Secret Trade Deal

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Rep. Joe Heck voted against Trade Adjustment Assistance, legislation which would provide relief to workers who lose their jobs because of the type of secret trade deals Heck has voted to advance.

In fact — this comes only days after Heck voted for the second time for Trade Promotion Authority, legislation paving the way for a secret trade deal that could result in thousands of American jobs being shipped overseas.  To be clear: a vote for fast track is a vote to advance the Trans-Pacific trade deal before the American people even know what is in the agreement.

“After voting to advance a secret job-killing trade deal, today Joe Heck voted against providing help to Americans who lose their jobs from that trade deal,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “It’s a telling sign about who Joe Heck is fighting for that he goes to bat for the big corporations that will benefit from this job-killing trade deal, but then tells workers who lose their jobs that they are on their own.”