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Mark Hutchison Wants to Talk About Republicans’ “Commitment to Hispanic Issues?”

Las Vegas, NV – Today, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that out of touch millionaire Mark Hutchison will take a brief break from his exhausting part-time job as Lieutenant Governor to attack Democratic candidates for President and tout the Republican Party’s “commitment to the Hispanic community.”

Because who better to talk about issues concerning the Hispanic community than a millionaire attorney who owns more vacation homes than Michele Fiore has tax liens, calls Mexico a “third world country,” tried to dilute minority representation in Nevada, opposes President Obama’s executive action to keep families together, donated to anti-immigrant Senate candidate Sharron Angle, and led the charge to take away Nevada families’ access to affordable healthcare.

For a quick snapshot of Mark Hutchison’s “commitment to Hispanic issues,” take a look below:

Mark Hutchison is an out-of-touch millionaire who owns at least 6 different homes in four different states.

Hutchison led the charge in Nevada to take away access to affordable healthcare.

Hutchison opposed the deferred action program which has prevented thousands of Nevada DREAMers from being deported.

Hutchison tried to dilute Latino representation in politics by packing Latino voters into as few districts as possible.

Hutchison called Mexico a “third world country” at a TEA Party rally.

2011: Hutchison Spoke at a Tea Party Rally with Sharron Angle as the Keynote Speaker.

2011: Hutchison Ended a Tea Party Rally Speech on Health Care Overhaul by Saying “God Bless the Tea Party.”

Hutchison donated to Sharron Angle.

Hutchison donated to Michele Fiore.

“While we appreciate the Lieutenant Governor taking time out of his busy schedule to appear at a partisan press conference, Mark Hutchison should take a hard look in the mirror inside one of his vacation homes in Huntington Beach or Brian Head before criticizing Democratic candidates on their ‘commitment to the Hispanic community,’” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson. “It’ a telling sign of how out of touch the Republican Party is that they would use someone who calls Mexico a ‘third world nation,’ tried to dilute minority representation in politics, and led the charge to take away access to affordable healthcare to talk about Republicans’ commitment to the Hispanic community.”