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Senator Reid Statement on Yucca Mountain

Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement on Yucca Mountain:

“Republican Presidential candidates like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush must think Nevada voters don’t know any better. A week ago, Rubio pandered to South Carolina voters saying he is in favor of opening Yucca Mountain. And just yesterday, Bush claimed to be against the Yucca Mountain project that that he still lobbies to reopen and his brother approved. Jeb Bush said he can’t think of a single difference from his brother and supporting Yucca is just another area where they are the same.

“Yucca is dead thanks to Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama who have repeatedly denounced it and cut off its funding.

“Let this be a warning to Republican presidential candidates as they make their way to Nevada: Google exists and you cannot hide from your past positions on Yucca Mountain.  Let me be as clear as can be, Yucca Mountain is dead. It is not coming back. And I dare any Republican to step foot in Nevada and declare their support for it.”