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Hypocrisy Alert: Jeb Bush Still Listed on Board of Pro-Yucca Lobbying Group

Las Vegas, NV – And who said his week couldn’t get any worse?!  Yesterday, at a campaign stop in Reno – where Jeb Bush said he was announcing his candidacy for President before he said he wasn’t announcing his candidacy for President (cough…attention FEC…cough) – Bush told the crowd he opposed reopening Yucca Mountain in Nevada.  Or as he calls it, “Nevahda.”

But – in what is sure to be a reoccurring theme throughout Bush’s campaign – Bush’s private business practices since leaving the Florida Governor’s Mansion again came back to haunt him.  Earlier this year, Jon Ralston reported that Jeb Bush was once part of a “front group” for the Nuclear Energy Institute, which Ralston called “the main lobbying entity” for Yucca Mountain.  Then, this morning, it was reported that Bush is still presently listed on the pro-Yucca organization’s board.  And you thought his position on Iraq was convoluted!

“Jeb Bush is still listed on the board of a pro-Yucca lobbying group and his attempt to mislead Nevadans about his position is another sign he’s a double talking politician who can’t be trusted,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson. “If this organization Jeb Bush is a member of had its way, Yucca Mountain would be reopened and Nevada would be on its way to turning into a nuclear waste dump.  After fumbling all over his positions on immigration and Iraq, you would think Jeb Bush would have learned his lesson and for once given a straight answer and told Nevadans the truth about his lobbying to ship nuclear waste into our state.”