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Does Rubio Campaign Chair Mark Hutchison Agree With Rubio’s Plan to Reopen Yucca?

Las Vegas, NV – We guess Hutch doesn’t care since Yucca isn’t anywhere close to his house in Huntington Beach, California.  Or the one in Brian Head, Utah.  Or the other one in Utah.  Or the one in Idaho. Or the one in – well, that’s enough for now.

Last week, Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio announced that out of touch millionaire and Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison would serve as Rubio’s Nevada campaign chair.  (How Hutchison will be able to balance his strenuous responsibilities as Lieutenant Governor with this new position is beyond us.)

Then – only days after Hutchison’s appointment – Jon Ralston reported over the weekend that Rubio doubled down in South Carolina on his plan to reopen Yucca Mountain and turn Nevada into a nuclear waste dump.  So now that his endorsed candidate for President is again proposing to reopen Yucca, it begs the obvious question: does Hutch agree with Rubio?

“Mark Hutchison owns multiple vacation homes in other states far from Yucca Mountain, so perhaps he isn’t as concerned about his endorsed candidate for President’s dangerous scheme to turn Nevada into a nuclear waste dump,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Regardless, Mark Hutchison owes Nevadans an answer on whether he supports Marco Rubio’s reckless plan to reopen Yucca and endanger the health and safety of Nevada families.”