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Introducing “Pyramid Joe” Heck to the NRSC and Washington Republicans

Las Vegas, NV – Poor former Tom DeLay operative and GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson – only days after he does Governor Sandoval’s bidding in voting for a tax increase, Washington Republicans are already snubbing him.

Last night, Jon Ralston reported that Rep. Joe Heck recently met with Washington Republicans about the pyramid loving Congressman running for United States Senate.

(Side note: we are 100% confident this new interest the Republican establishment possibly has in Joe Heck’s candidacy for Senate has absolutely nothing to do with Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison’s employee lobbying lawmakers to oppose Sandoval’s tax plan. Absolutely nothing.)

Well, in a sincere effort to be as helpful as possible to Washington Republicans as they try to decide who they will support in a Republican primary campaign against Michele Fiore, here is a cheat sheet summarizing Joe Heck’s accomplishments in Congress:

Calling Social Security a “pyramid scheme”

Voting multiple times to end Medicare by turning it over to private insurance companies

Voting to criminalize abortion for rape victims

Voting to deport DREAMers and their families

Voting repeatedly to restrict women’s access to preventative healthcare

“While we understand why Mark Hutchison and Michael Roberson’s prospective candidacies for Senate would give Washington Republicans pause, they should take a deep breath before supporting someone like Joe Heck who is deeply out-of-touch with Nevada seniors, women, immigrants, and middle class families,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “Joe Heck has compared Social Security to a criminal enterprise, voted to turn Medicare over to private insurance companies and raise seniors’ insurance premiums by thousands of dollars a year, supported the deportation of thousands of Nevada DREAMers, and wants to criminalize abortion for rape victims.  If Joe Heck decides to run for Senate, Nevadans across the state will reject his outdated views on women’s health and his support for failed Republican policies that reward big corporations while pulling the rug out from under Nevada’s middle class.”