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Roberson & Senate Republicans Throw Nevada Military Families Under the Bus

Las Vegas, NV – Today, former Tom DeLay operative and GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson, absentee Senator Greg Brower, and Senate Republicans blocked a bill that would have helped provide childcare for military families.

Senate Bill 359, Senator Pat Spearman’s legislation, would require child care facilities to prioritize admission to children who have a parent or guardian that is currently serving on active duty in the military or was killed or died as a result of injuries sustained while on active duty.  While the legislation passed unanimously in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, Roberson and Republicans blocked the bill from passing the Nevada Senate today.  Brower even said he didn’t “see a need” to prioritize military families’ access to childcare.

“Michael Roberson, Greg Brower, and Senate Republicans threw Nevada military families under the bus today by blocking this common sense proposal to help those who serve our country obtain increasingly scarce child care,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “It’s a shame military families who serve our country honorably aren’t given the same priority by Roberson and Republicans that their special interest campaign donors receive.  Once again Republicans have demonstrated that in Michael Roberson’s legislature, the wealthy special interests are rewarded while middle class families are hung out to dry.”